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Article no.: 256
Last modified: 2011/2/15
Category: Firmware Update

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ViewPad 10s Firmware Update 1.09


This article contains the latest ViewPad 10s firmware updates, USB drivers for Windows PC to update ViewPad 10s firmware, release notes, and step-by-step instructions for firmware update.

Affected Products


About ViewPad 10s Firmware Update 1.09

This firmware update includes the following enhancements for ViewPad 10s:

  1. OS image upgrade: V1.08 to V1.09
  2. Core System optimization
  3. Built in nVidea Tegra CPU specific Flash Player (20101210_v10.1.120.10_release_signed)
  4. Specific Fring APK for ViewPad 10s
  5. User Guide update (3G/Non-3G support)
  6. Built in App Center


Instructions for firmware update

Please follow the step-by-step instructions in this PDF E-ViewPad 10s Firmware Update SOP.pdf (about 582KB) to complete the firmware update.

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