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Article no.: 649
Last modified: 2012/3/2
Category: Firmware Update

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ViewPad 7e firmware v11252011 update


ViewPad 7e firmware v11252011 update

Affected Products

ViewPad 7e
Performance Improvement:
Power management enhancement

App Updates:


Firmware download: (about 311MB)

Firmware release note: ViewPad_7e_Firmware_v11252011_Release_Note.pdf (about 124KB)

Firmware upgrade through Micro SD card instruction: ViewPad_7e_Firmware_Upgrade_Through_Micro_SD_Card_Instruction_Guide.pdf (about 273KB)

NOTE: Upgrade through Micro SD card will erase all data on your ViewPad 7e. Please backup before perform it.

You can also upgrade your ViewPad 7e through OTA.
Firmware upgrade through OTA instruction: ViewPad_7e_OTA_Firmware_Upgrade_Instruction_Guide.pdf (about 391KB)
NOTE: Upgrade through OTA will not erase data on your ViewPad 7e.

*** What is OTA? ***
OTA is an abbreviation of Over-the-air which means download new software updates through the air (GSM, CDMA, or Wi-Fi). OTA is used to be implemented on tablet and mobile phone products. On ViewPad 7e, users can update firmware by this technology.
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