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When you’re looking for the ultimate digital whiteboard solution, ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive flat panel displays deliver. With content sharing and interactive touch at your fingertips, ViewBoard displays help to better facilitate presentations, brainstorming, and decision-making.


ViewBoard for Education

A centerpiece for collaboration, ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP50 interactive displays deliver incredible interactive capabilities for 21st century classrooms. Featuring huge touchscreens, ViewBoard displays let multiple users write, edit, and draw onscreen for dynamic presentations and creative brainstorming.

ViewBoard for Enterprise

ViewBoard IFP60 interactive displays deliver the ultimate in collaboration solutions. Whether your conference room is in need of an interactive whiteboard, video conferencing, or both, ViewBoard interactive displays let you securely connect and collaborate like never before.

myViewBoard, Your Digital Whiteboard

Digital white boarding software combines enterprise-level security with cloud-based portability and annotation tools to enhance the way your team connects and collaborates.

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ViewBoard Accessories

With a few simple add-ons, your ViewBoard display can do much, much more. Optimise your ViewBoard display and enhance classroom and meeting room collaboration with these accessories:


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