SuperColor Technology

Enjoy true-to-life colour accuracy in everything you present.

ViewSonic Innovates to Share Life's True Colours

A leading visual solution provider and colour expert with over 25 years of experience, ViewSonic is the first company to apply advanced colour technology into its full line of projectors. This enables our projectors to be used in a wide variety of industries where superior colour performance is of utmost importance.

Accurate, natural and clear images

Exclusive 5, 6 and 7–segment projector colour wheel designs, advanced digital image processing, and dynamic lamp adjustment technology allows ViewSonic projectors to reproduce accurate, natural and vividly clear images with wider colour space.

Better colour reproduction

SuperColor™ Technology comes with a colour mode that optimizes the colour gamma to fit all projection environments without sacrificing image colour quality. Users can now project anywhere, anytime without any colour trade-offs.

No sacrifice on quality

ViewSonic projectors with SuperColor™ Technology are able to provide users with greater performance in any setting. Enjoy superior colour reproduction for an unparalleled presenting and sharing experience.

Replicating every day colours

SuperColor™ Technology offers better colour reproduction capabilities that consistently deliver the most accurate colours on each point of the screen. It boosts the quality of projected images to match the image quality of well-known lines of monitors as well.

Reducing eye-fatigue

Automatic adjustments greatly improve detail in bright images without any colour washout. Eye-fatigue from prolonged viewing is also reduced thanks to greater detail in bright-white images.

Enhanced image performance of dark scenes

A better greyscale range enables users to see greater texture in darker images. This also allows for clear detail without sacrificing on colour quality.


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