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ViewSonic Touchscreen Monitors are designed to seamlessly integrate into your workflow. With a compact form factor and clean design for easy integration, ViewSonic touchscreen monitors are well-suited for point-of-sale, point-of-information,signage, and hospitality applications.


Resistive Touch Technology

Resistive touchscreens are composed of two electrically conductive layers of thin metal film separated by a tiny air gap. When pressure is applied to the surface of the touchscreen, the two sheets are pressed together, and a circuit is completed.

• Relatively cost efficient to produce and use and are ideal for office check-in counters and kiosks

• Only single-point touchscreens, lack input precision the larger the screen size, overall less clarity compared to other touch technologies.

Optical Touch Technology

Optical touchscreens use cameras that continuously scan the touchscreen. When an object comes into contact with the touchscreen, some of the light is blocked and the location of the contact is then calculated by using information from both sensors and mathematical triangulation.

- Optical touchscreens have high transmittance, and because they use optical sensors, can be operated by both conductive and non-conductive materials.

- The size of optical touchscreens is easy to scale, thereby making them well suited for TV news and other television broadcasts.

- Because optical touchscreens calculate touch location via sensor, the number of touchpoints is dependent on the size of the screen

Capacitive Touch Technology

Capacitive touchscreens are coated with a transparent conductive film that, when touched by a fingertip, can use the conductivity of the human body as a means for input. Electrostatic capacitive touchscreens are used in most smartphones and Indoor way finding maps.

• Unlike resistive-type touchscreens, capacitive touchscreens are highly responsive, and can detect multiple points of contact (up to 10 simultaneous).

• Capacitive touchscreens can only react to a conductive material and cannot interact with styluses or gloved hands.

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