ViewBoard® with Intel Unite®

Enterprise-grade unified communications

The ViewSonic® ViewBoard® 4K Interactive Flat Panel Display for group communication, is the first ever digital whiteboard solution to be Intel Unite® certified, transforming meeting rooms into smart, secure and connected spaces.

Intel Unite® is embedded into our ViewBoard® slot-in PC s (VPC12-WPO-2 and VPC14-WP-3) making all our ViewBoard® models compatible with the Intel Unite® platform. With Intel Unite®, you can manage your room’s UC applications from one single point of access. Collaboration is made easy by allowing users to connect and interact with meeting content in real time, from any location where they have a corporate network connection.

Intel Unite with ViewSonic ViewBoard

Mobile Engagement

ViewBoard® with the Intel Unite® gives mobile device users an easy way to have secure, large-scaled wireless group presentations, video conferencing, file sharing, and screen sharing with high-definition audio and video – all from your ViewBoard®.

Meeting Room Management

ViewBoard® with the Intel Unite® platform allows IT administrators to manage up-to thousands of conference rooms remotely, including conference room device monitoring, configurations and software settings, as well as power on/off switch.

High Security

ViewBoard® with the Intel Unite® platform keeps your communication secured with 265bit encryption, identity protection and unauthorized usage lock by Intel vPro™ technology. This robust, multifactor solution captures, encrypts, matches, and stores user data in hardware, limiting the exposure to software attacks. Find out more about Intel Unite® security here.

Productive Applications

Intel Unite® supports 3rd party plugins through its public API. Plugins such as Zoom or Skype, are available through the Intel Unite® plugin page. Intel Unite® also has an available Software Development Kit (SDK) for users to develop their own customized apps for the platform, such as room lighting controls or a maintenance ticketing system.

myViewBoard® Plug-in for Intel Unite®

ViewSonic®’s myViewBoard® is a collaborative platform that offers an easy access to your preferred productivity tools, presentations, and documents under one place, with the bonus of having a secure digital whiteboard at your fingertips. The myViewBoard® Plugin for Intel Unite® makes collaboration and sharing more dynamic and seamless across different platforms.


ViewSonic ViewBoard® Series

ViewBoard® with Slot-in PC

Our slot-in PC modules support high-definition audio and video, and easily plug into our interactive flat panels. With wireless Wi-Fi dual band and Bluetooth, a powerful Intel® Core™ i5 processor, 8GB DDR4 memory (up to 16GB), and a 128GB SSD storage (up to 256GB), it contains the computing power needed to operate CPU intensive applications.


  • Intel Unite® certified for unified communications solution
  • Windows slot-in PC for ViewBoard® IFP7500
  • Advanced security with multifactor identity protection by Intel vPro™ technology
  • Powerful system with the Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processor, 8GB (Up to 16GB) DDR4 memory, and 128GB (Up to 512GB) SSD storage
  • Complete network support WiFi 2.4GHz/5GHz, Bluetooth, and Gigabit LAN Ethernet
  • Rich I/O ports, including 4K HDMI-out



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