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Light Source/ Life

Thanks to its LED light source, the X10-4K projector can project sharp, bright images for up to 30,000 hours of usage. For instance, if you use it for 8 hours a day, the LED projector can last around 10 years compared to 1.3 years from a typical 4K projector using a regular lamp.


10 Years*


1 Year*

*Based on average usage of 8h per day


The X10-4K projector delivers cinematic colour technology reaching more than 125% of the Rec.709 colour range, giving you vivid, true-tone projection compared to a typical 4K projector.

X10-4K Typical 4K Projector

Hear the difference!

While typical projector speakers are known for their poor performance, the X10-4K projector has dual integrated Harman Kardon speakers, delivering vibrant and powerful sound for an all-around immersive experience whatever you are watching.


Normal Projector Speakers

*These sound clips are provided for demonstration purposes only.

Frame Interpolation

The X10-4K projector is equipped with frame interpolation technology, which reduces motion blur when projecting fast moving pictures such as action movies, live sports or even console gaming, giving you a sharper image compared to a typical 4K projector.

X10-4K Typical 4K Projector

Smart Function

Control your X10-4K projector with your voice via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant along with all your smart home products. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity allow you to stream your favourite movies and music from popular streaming platforms or from your mobile devices.

amazon alexa



Google Assistant

Compatible with amazon alexa & Google Assistant


No Bluetooth

No Wi-Fi

Not Compatible with Voice Control Devices

Typical 4K Projector


The X10-4K LED light source uses more than 50% less energy than typical 4K projectors with a normal projection lamp. It also contains no harmful mercury so is more environmentally friendly than your typical projector.

Low Energy Consumption

High Energy Consumption

Disclaimer: All of the above is based on key specifications comparisons with multiple 4K lamp projectors currently in the market up to July 2019 with the price range below €1,599 EUR, and may be limited to actual models being stated or compared. The comparison is made under factory default mode. The comparison for some specification, if judged by human perception, may vary among individuals due to differences in their subjective preferences. Key specifications include: light source/life, Rec. 709 colour range, smart function, voice control, noise level, frame interpolation and energy consumption.

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